Post-Delivery: What's Best for Breastfeeding Mothers

Post-Delivery: What's Best for Breastfeeding Mothers

Which blends are suitable for Breastfeeding Mothers?

Post-delivery, it is vital for breastfeeding mothers to consume blood nourishing refreshments and foods. Breast milk is the direct source of nutrients for the baby, thus, it is integral for mothers to consume nourishing and nutritious food so that the essential nutrients are passed on to the infant. Providing your baby with the best is key to his or her growth. Healthy mommy, healthy baby! 

Most Suitable

Through The Day

Suitability Score:  🍼🍼🍼

The immune system acts as a defence system for your body, it fends off harmful viruses and bacteria, preventing you from falling ill. It is crucial for your baby to have a strong immune system so as to have the essential antibodies to fight against harmful organisms. Through The Day contains essential ingredients that help boost immunity and is highly recommended for breastfeeding mothers to take in order to strengthen their immunity.

It is also an incredibly nourishing blend that helps to invigorate your body especially after delivery. Post-delivery care is extremely important for mothers, it is pertinent for you to consume foods that deeply nourishes your body and provides you with ample vitamins and minerals. 

What's good for you, is good for your baby!


Evening Calm

Suitability Score:  🍼🍼🍼

Evening Calm consists of ingredients that replenishes blood and boost blood circulation. These blood nourishing ingredients help to improve sleep quality which is extremely important during the post-delivery period. Rest is an essential part of recovery, mothers need to have sufficient rest and good sleep in order to have optimal recovery post-childbirth.  

It is widely known that longan and red date tea is a confinement 'must-have' as this heavenly herbal combination is highly beneficial in post-natal recovery, as it helps nourish the mother's body post-delivery. Longan and red dates are known as good sources of iron, it helps warm the body for healthy circulation, while nourishing the womb. Evening Calm goes beyond just red dates and longan, the other ingredients present in this blend works synergistically to enhance overall well-being, ensuring healthy recovery post-childbirth.


Perfect Pairing

Suitability Score:  🍼🍼

Perfect Pairing is generally suitable for all healthy mothers in moderate amounts. Mulberries containhigh amounts of antioxidants that helps to protect our heart. Perfect Pairing also, helps in regulating blood sugar levels, hence, it is suited for mothers affected by post- pregnancy diabetes.

However, for mothers affected by the post-pregnancy diabetes and are currently on diabetic medication, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consumption to ensure that the contents of the herbal tea will not interfere with diabetic medication.


Morning Shine

Suitability Score:  🍼

Morning Shine should be taken moderately for breastfeeding mothers (1-2 sachets). Morning Shine contains ingredients which may result in over-stimulatory effects that could be passed on to the child and that might not be advisable as babies should be less exposed to stimulatory ingredients or foods. 


Radiant Glow

Suitability Score:  🍼

Radiant Glow should be taken in moderation for breastfeeding mothers, we recommend for them to limit consumption to 1-2 teabags a day. Ingredients in Radiant Glow might result in stimulatory effects that might affect hormone balances and milk supply during breastfeeding.

Good Gut

Suitability Score:  🍼

Good Gut should be taken in moderation for breastfeeding mothers. This is largely because Lily flowers are known to be cardiac tonics whose effects might be passed on to the child through breastmilk.

Least Suitable

Deep Cleanse

Suitability Score:  🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

Deep Cleanse contains ingredients that has laxative effects. We recommend breastfeeding mothers to refrain from consuming this blend as the laxative effects might be passed on to the baby, which will affect their nutrient absorption.  



Every Step of the Way

From pregnancy to childbirth, we want to be with you, every step of the way. We craft our blends with you in mind, knowing that as mothers, you will want the best for your child. Infusing gentle wellness in every TILY session you have with your precious little one!