Fighting Fatigue - The 3 Different Types of Fatigue

Fighting Fatigue - The 3 Different Types of Fatigue

The Hustle Life 


Living in a metropolitan city and leading an urban lifestyle has its perks, however it has its downsides. The constant stimulation of city life can chip away at your physical and mental well-being, which might inevitably lead to an over-accumulation of tiredness and lethargy.

This is what many of us understand as fatigue, but did you know that there are other forms of fatigue that your body experiences? Let us bring you in on Tily's special on Fatigue. Knowing exactly what kind of fatigue you experience, allows you to find a remedy that can quickly address the root of your issue!

Let's dive right in!


Did You Know? 

The different types of fatigue that our body experiences stems from different sources and it results in different forms of lethargy. It can be a gradual chipping away of your mental well-being or it may be a simple physical form of sleepiness.

This is because there are different drivers of fatigue in our body - tiredness from our urban lifestyles, physical weakness of our bodies from fighting illness and lastly, the infamous 'food coma' that we suffer from after a hearty lunch. These are the different forms of fatigue that we all experience and it is pertinent for us to know and learn what exactly to take in order to help cope with the type of fatigues we experience in our daily lives.


Knowing the Difference



Our urban lifestyles may result in an over accumulation of fatigue and lethargy.Leading to us constantly feeling drained out and tired throughout our day. Amid all the hustle and bustle, we often do not get sufficient rest and quality sleep, which results in a vicious cycle of tiredness and fatigue, affecting our overall condition and performance.

The key to coping with this type of fatigue is to sleep well. What does it mean to sleep well? Sleeping well does not only mean to sleep 7-8 hours daily, it is also to ensure that our bodies enjoy quality sleep. Sleep quality is inherently important to ensure that we can get enough energy to power us through the next day.

A good night's rest would mean that your body gets sufficient and quality sleep!


Foods that help you SLEEP WELL



Red dates help improve blood circulation and are often associated with the ability to 'calm the mind'. These dates contain saponin which is a natural 'sleep promoter'. Low doses of these powerful fruits help ease anxiety and calm nerves.



Chamomile helps to promote sleepiness and prevents insomnia. Rich in antioxidants such as Apigenin, it binds to specific receptors in our brain which helps to promote sleep, reduce insomnia and helps manage the chronic inability to sleep.



Longans contain Adenosine which greatly help to improve sleep and relaxation. It boosts restorative deep sleep which helps us better achieve good quality rest which our body needs to support our daily activities.



Physical Weakness

Another kind of fatigue that our body experiences is physical weakness. This physical weakness stems from the weakening energy levels the body experiences after fighting illnesses and harmful bacteria in our body.

When we fall ill, our body's defence system kicks in to help fight the bacteria or virus and this process drains significant amounts of energy from our body leading up to physical weakness. Thus, when we fall ill, we easily feel lethargic and weak, lacking the energy to carry on our daily activities.

The key to managing physical weakness is to strengthen our body's immunity. When our immune system is robust, our body has enough energy to fight these harmful organisms and preventing us from an overdrive.


Foods that help RAMP UP your IMMUNITY



Known for its immunity-boosting properties, Astragalus is your go-to root herb when it comes to boosting the immune system. Astragalus can increase the production of specific white blood cells which will greatly increase the body's ability to fight off harmful viruses and bacteria.



Filled with power and essential vitamins such as Vitamin A and C, these super berries helps to give your immune system the much-needed boost of energy it needs to fight these harmful invaders.



This invigorating root helps to give our bodies an extra spurt of energy to power up and provides us with protection against harmful organisms.



Food Coma

Lastly, the infamous food coma that we all experience after our lunch hour. Food coma occurs usually after a hearty meal due to the release of certain hormones as our bodies begins to digest food.

​So how to avoid the embarrassment of being caught catching a snooze during your post-lunch meeting? A robust digestive system is key to saving you from that embarrassing situation. Maintaining a healthy digestive system and protecting your gut is vital to allow for smooth and effective digestion.

With a smooth digestive tract, your body can properly break down then complex substances in your food and greatly reduce the after-effects of a heavy lunch.


Foods that help POWER UP your DIGESTIVE TRACT



Rich in inulin, this root contains prebiotic fibres that help aid digestion and improve gut health. Prebiotics are special plant fibres that act as a food source to help healthy bacteria grow in our gut.



This powerful rhizome helps to stimulate movement in the gut, allowing foods to be effectively and smoothly digested. Ginger also helps to maintain and protect the gut, promoting good gastro-intestinal health.



Jasmine helps to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut. Also, Jasmine Flowers may help boost digestion as it may interact with the gastric enzymes, working synergistically to smoothen and quicken digestion.




Dealing with Fatigue

As urbanites, we all are all fighting various forms of fatigue everyday, hence, it is important for us to remain healthy, strong and alert. Amid the hustle and bustle of life, we should always take time to rest and rewind, to allow our bodies to better cope with the demands of our busy lifestyles. 

Always having trouble coping with fatigue? Fret not! Our artisan blends are created with you in mind, containing powerful ingredients with light-tasting notes, you can now enjoy a fragrant and healthy steep while powering up from within.