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Radiant Glow

Ingredients  Solomon's Seal, Pandan Leaves, Red Dates, Red Clover and Yarrow Flowers
Taste  Light, Sweet, Fragrant
Characteristic  Neutral to Mildly Cooling

About the Blend 

Radiant Glow was formulated to help you go about your day with  a more radiant and glowing complexion! This light and fragrant blend provides nourishment for your skin through improved gut and heart health. A healthy gut (comprising stomach and intestines) assists the absorption of nutrients and is a key building block to having radiant and glowing complexion. Vitamins, in particular, help generate collagen and other proteins to provide the skin with increased elasticity. The gut also contributes to the removal of toxins gathered from food, thereby preventing the effects of toxins showing up on the skin, which would otherwise lead to blemishes, acne or even sagging among other signs of skin aging.

Pandan Leaves, Red Dates and Yarrow Flowers help to support your digestive system in tandem. Pandan Leaves are traditionally used as a mild
laxativeStimulates or facilitates evacuation of the bowels.
to help ease the process of waste removal. Red Dates are rich in fibers to help bulk up stool, as well as contribute to stimulating intestinal and thereafter bowel movement. Alongside the cleansing ability of Pandan and Red Dates, Yarrow Flowers aids in food digestion by stimulating saliva and stomach acid, but at the same time, relieves symptoms of stomach cramps and inflammation seen in
irritability bowel syndrome.A common chronic disorder caused by bacteria, virus or emotional stresses. Symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating, and irregular bowel symptoms of diarrhea or constipation.

Our complexion also reflects the inner health of the heart which we can turn to Solomon’s Seal and Pandan Leaf for support. A healthy heart helps to deliver nutrient-rich (derived from the digestive tract) and oxygen-filled blood to the skin to provide a natural glow from within. The
root rhizomesRoot rhizome store starches and proteins of the plant.
of Solomon’s Seal contains
ConvallarinConvallarin is commonly used to treat heart failure or certain irregular heartbeat conditions by increasing the rate of heart contractions.
which helps strengthen the heart muscles for improved blood flow. Furthermore, a specific class of antioxidants called Carotenoids in Pandan Leaves help to reduce the cholesterol build up in the heart’s blood vessels, preventing blockage that lead to coronary diseases involving the arteries.

More directly, Red Clover and Solomon’s Seal promote dewy skin and hair volume. Red Clovers contain phytoestrogens - a type of plant content that is similar to estrogen, which help to promote a healthy level of keratin that supports skin and hair thickness, as well as to combat hormone imbalance-related acne. Solomon’s Seal is rich in
MucilageMucilage is a thick, gluey substance produced by plants which can be extracted and used as a protective, moisturising film for the joints or skin.
fluid that enhances moisture levels in dry and rough skin and hair, thereby increasing skin elasticity for a smoother complexion.

Overall, the ingredients are rich in antioxidants that play a big role in protecting the skin and hair cells from harmful environmental damage such as UV rays and pollution that contribute to skin aging. The vitamins found in Solomon’s Seal and Red Dates also assists in skin repair and evens out the skin tone by reducing dark spots. Infuse your skin for a natural radiance today!

Ingredient Combination

The following video provides a summary on how unique ingredient pairings bring about similar benefits but through different mechanisms, hence giving an all-rounded boost for our body.

Ingredient Encyclopedia

Roll over each image to learn the names of the ingredients in Mandarin and Latin!

Solomon's Seal
Polygonatum odoratum

Common Name: Solomon's Seal
Part Used: Root
Origin: China

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Rich in antioxidants that brightens the complexion and protects the skin from UV damage
  2. High in Mucilage fluid to moisturise dry and rough skin and assist in skin repair
  3. Regulates blood pressure and supports heart muscle functions
  4. Regulates blood sugar levels by preventing excessive breakdown of carbohydrates and to improve sugar utilization of cells

Red Date 红枣
Ziziphus jujuba
Learn More!

Common Name: Red Date
Part Used: Fruit
Origin: China

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Rich source of iron which helps increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells
  2. Stimulates the production of immune cells that eliminate harmful bacteria & viruses
  3. Rich in Vitamin C that lightens the skin tone and prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  4. Rich in Flavonoids (Vitamin P) that can enhance the skin elasticity, allowing it to become tender and smooth

Pandan 香兰叶
Pandanous amryllifolius

Common Name: Pandan
Part Used: Leaf
Origin: Southeastern Asia

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Rich in antioxidants that are anti-inflammatory, to alleviate pain found in joints
  2. Excellent source of antioxidants called Carotenoids that reduces
    plaquePlaques are depositions of unwanted material, such as fats
    build up in blood vessels
  3. Contains Vitamins B3, B6, C, D and K that helps prevent wrinkles, tackle dark spots, and prevent acne formation
  4. Mild laxative to support cleansing of the digestive system

Red Clover
Trifolium pratense

Common Name: Red Clover
Part Used: Flower
Origin: Europe, Western Asia, and northwest Africa

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Contain phytoestrogens that help maintain healthy Keratin levels that promote moisturized skin and fuller hair
  2. Rich in antioxidants that removes free radicals and protects the skin from effects of aging

Yarrow Flower
Achillea millefolium

Common Name: Yarrow Flower
Part Used: Flower
Origin: Temperate Asia, Europe and North America

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Rich in antioxidants that reduces inflammation in the skin and to protect the skin from effects of aging
  2. Promotes the regeneration of fibroblast cells used for wound healing and skin repair
  3. Rich in flavonoids and alkaloids that relieves stomach spasms and inflammations
  4. Improves mood and relieves stress by reducing levels of Cortisol, a hormone correlated to stress levels

Blend-Specific Frequently Asked Questions

Yarrow Flowers is traditionally used to induce menstruation, and may stimulate the uterus to bring about early contractions upon over-consumption. Red clover contains plant-based phytoestrogen that acts like the human hormone estrogen, which might disturb important hormone balances during pregnancy. Hence, we recommend expectant mothers to limit consumption to 1-2 teabags a day.

More suitable blends would be Evening Calm and Perfect Pairing. For more information about how TILY can accompany your pregnancy journey, do check out our blog post here!

Radiant Glow may be taken by breastfeeding mothers when taken in moderate amounts. However, as Red clover contains plant-based phytoestrogen that acts like the human hormone estrogen, which might disturb important hormone balances during breastfeeding, we recommend breastfeeding mothers to limit consumption to 1-2 teabags a day as the tea blend may stimulate hormone levels and these effects can be passed on to babies feeding on breastmilk. For more information about how TILY can accompany your moutherhood journey, do check out our blog post here!

Radiant Glow contains ingredients that may boost the effects of blood thinners and anticoagulants, increasing the risk of bruising and bleeding. Red Clover may invigorate the blood and might possibly slow down the healing of wounds. Hence, we would recommend those who are recovering from surgery to consume Radiant Glow 2 weeks after the surgery procedure.

If you are currently on medication, please consult your doctors before consuming our blends.

Solomon’s Seal may affect the blood sugar levels, hence one may need to monitor sugar levels closely if under diabetic drugs and treatment.

Red Clover and its constituents have estrogenic properties and may interfere with the actions of anti-cancer hormonal-sensitive drugs such as Tamoxifen used for breast cancer treatment.

Sip a cup of Radiant Glow daily, at any time, for a brighter, dewy complexion. Enjoy the faint hint of vanilla-like taste from the Pandan Leaves or add a teaspoon of honey or sweetener of choice for those that want a sweet treat.

Each tea-bag requires 5-8 minutes of steeping time for a good amount of infusion, and may be refilled 2 to 3 times.