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Perfect Pairing - 25 Bag ECO Pack
Perfect Pairing - 25 Bag ECO Pack

Perfect Pairing - 25 Bag ECO Pack

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Enjoy your favourite Tily Tea blends while being gentle on the environment. Our ECO Packs are perfect for heavy and frequent drinkers of Tily Tea!

Each ECO Pack contains 25 sachet free Tea Bags. 

** Please note that ECO Packs have a shorter 3 month shelf life and require storage in the fridge or freezer. 




About The Blend

Balance out meals with a refreshing, cleansing companion. The subtleties of this blend’s taste profile has seen it likened to the classic Pu-Er tea, while at the same time being completely caffeine free. The perfect accompaniment to meals, this is also highly beneficial in aiding the control of blood sugar levels.


Mulberry Leaves, Mulberries, Bergamot Peel, Jasmine Blossoms


  • Essential Vitamins
  • Sugar Control
  • Palate Refresher
  • Digestive Aid

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Great with food

    Aromatic jasmine tea taste. Definitely tastier than other brands of jasmine tea. It has a lighter feeling than the other tilytea flavours.

    Tan Qiukun
    Unique blend of tea leaves

    Taste is so special from other teas you have tasted. Even after 3 rounds of adding water, taste is still robust.

    P. Wong
    My favourite blend

    And I love that it comes in an eco pack. Will be done with it way before the recommended 3 month consumption window.

    Patsy Tan

    Expiry dates too fast

    Jason Huang
    Nice relaxing tea

    I like the taste and fragrance of this relaxing tea, which is kinda subtle , not too strong .. good tea!!