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Tily Tea

Morning Shine

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Brighten up your day with a sweet and spicy uplifting blend and incorporate the natural invigorating properties of Ginseng and Ginger in your mornings. Taste the subtle sweetness from Red Dates and inhale the fragrance of the Osmanthus flower. What a way to start your day! 


Ginseng, Ginger, Red Dates, Osmanthus, Forget-Me-Not


  • Antioxidising
  • Brain power
  • Energy boost
  • Skin & hair

About the blend

Start your day bright eyed and bushy tailed. 

Ginseng is the King of natural cognitive stimulants and paired with Ginger and Red Dates, it can assist with mental and physical energy while improving concentration.

It also has antioxidant properties. Oxidisation produces free radicals in the human body. These free radicals damage cell membranes that cause ageing, heart disease and a host of other diseases. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals produced by Oxidisation.

On top of all this, Morning Shine is a beauty food for your skin and hair, helping you face the world looking and feeling your best.

Ingredient Combination

The following video provides a summary on how unique ingredient pairings bring about similar benefits but through different mechanisms, hence giving an all-rounded boost for our body.

    Morning Shine - Tily Tea
    Morning Shine
    Morning Shine - Tily Tea

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 149 reviews
    Chanelle Blackwell
    Delicious and good!

    Quality tea and definitely worth switching to from any brand you currently drink!

    Caffeine-free wake-me-up

    This tea is my go-to when I feel sleepy during those long Zoom training sessions. It works as an alternative to caffeine-loaded drinks so for those on a caffeine detox this works!

    Perfect companion at work!

    Morning Shine is soothing and it is the perfect warm drink to have by your side through the work day. It cuts sweet and caffeine cravings and keeps you feeling refreshed all day! Will definitely buy again!


    Very nice refreshing morning tea to begin your early day if there is no coffee

    Poy Wun Lee
    Perfect tea fr morning till noon

    Most soothing tea to begin for a day work