Welcome to the Tily Tea Family

Welcome to the Tily Tea Family


Thank you for coming by and we hope you will stay with us. 

Tily Tea is an all natural tonic tea that has been in the making for a while now. It all started when Geraldine's family was falling ill more than usual and she was tired of being at the docs all too often, and to the point of knowing all the nurses at first name basis. Then she came across this quote, "Eat your food as medicine, otherwise you will have to eat your medicine as food." She thought this should apply for the fluids we take too.

However, the eureka moment to really explore Chinese herbal blends beyond remedies and for the wider family happened when she was preparing a classic codonopsis-based brew for her husband who was keeping late nights and needed an immunity boost. Her three-year old son saw the candle-lit teapot glowing brightly on the dining table and asked to try some. "Delicious!" was how he described it and he asked for "the yummy drink" the next day. It also helped that her local medicinal hall had the nicest sir that explained the benefits and uses of the different tonic ingredients so well and with great patience, that she found herself constantly drawn to the hall for more "lessons", and over time our repertoire of blends grew!

I, on the other hand, whom only ever order water and the occasional 'whisky and coke', was intrigued by the idea enough to give the tea a try! To me, Chinese herbal roots was a rather mystical subject that was packed full of potential. It was divine! And I wanted to share these wonderful concoctions for more to enjoy. Alas, Tily Tea was born!

Our first range of teas have been crafted to accompany you at anytime of day. We will document the motivation and development of each blend in our blog posts and invite you to join us in this wonderful journey! Please feel free to share with us what you would like to see created too.