A Deep Dive into Radiant Glow

A Deep Dive into Radiant Glow

An All-Round Beautifying Blend

Dive deep into this immensely nourishing blend. Understand how this blend works to gently infuse wellness into your everyday. 
Radiant Glow is a deeply nourishing blend that helps regulate female cycles and improve digestion while nurturing your inner radiance. Formulated with legendary herbs and florals, this antioxidant-rich blend infuses gentle wellness into your everyday, allowing you to perform at your best through the day 🙌🏼
Exude confidence through radiance that comes from within ✨


The Benefits

Skin Health ✨

This exquisite blend brings you the finest Chinese herbal roots and florals for flawless and luminous skin. Featuring the legendary beauty herb - Solomon Seal, the blend is packed with essential vitamins and minerals such as Niacin, Flavornoids and Vitamin A, it helps to deeply moisturise and nourishes our skin while also promoting an even skin tone.

This powerful herb is also known to lighten skin complexion through dark spot reduction and skin repair. Armed with anti-aging properties, Solomon Seal promotes wrinkle-free skin and enhances overall skin complexion.

This blend also contains another powerful floral that promotes skin and hair health. Red Clover aids in maintaining healthy levels of keratinisation and skin thickness.

Ignite your inner glow and begin your day with a luminous and glowing complexion! 😉


Rich in Antioxidants 🤩

Rich in antioxidants, this blend possesses anti-inflammatory properties that help to manage inflammations in our body. It promotes better joint health as well as better skin.

Solomon’s seal consists of allantoin which is a great anti-inflammatory agent for the skin. Pandan is also a powerful agent in combating pain, especially arthritis and joint pain due to hyperuricemia (increased build-up of uric acid).

Pandan contains essential minerals with antioxidant properties that help to rid of free radicals generated during the development of hyperuricemia (gout). Yarrow Flowers are superb anti-inflammatory agents as well! They reduce skin inflammation, and also replenish moisture in the skin.

Letting you in on the traditional secret to combat inflammations 😉


Heart Health ❤️

This blend is a heart health companion! A small amount of Convallarin is present in Solomon's Seal, and is key in helping to promote heart health. It is also effective in reducing blood pressure and effectively regulates the heart muscles.

Pandan is known as an excellent source of Carotenoids - a class of antioxidants. They are known to help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis (narrowing of arteries).

A heartfelt blend, made with you in mind ❤️




At a Glance

Face the World with Confidence

Curated with you in mind, this golden blend boasts fragrant floral notes with hints of sweetness that helps you perform at your best everyday. 

Unlock your inner radiance with Radiant Glow 🥰