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Good Gut
Good Gut

Good Gut

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Fortify the internal workings of your body and nourish your gut - the backbone of a smooth and balanced system. Let the tangy notes from Hawthorn Berry excite your appetite and feel energy levels lift as heart health is also fortified. Good bacteria flourishes internally while you'll feel the benefits externally!


Hawthorn Berry, Snow Pear, Mandarin Peel, Scorched Malt, Lily Flower, Lemon Balm


  • Prebiotic
  • Gut health
  • Digestive aid
  • Nausea relief

About the blend

Open up your appetite with an enticing tangy blend of aged Mandarin Peel, balanced with the natural sweetness of Snow Pear and the earthy flavours of Malt and Lemon Balm.

This formulation is a powerhouse for your gut, with the digestive properties of Hawthorn Berry, Malt and Lily Flower acting as a prebiotic to nourish your gut health and give an all-natural appetite boost suitable even for kids.

Known as the "Scorched Immortals" in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hawthorn Berry and Scorched Malt are rich in dietary fiber that acts as a prebiotic to nurture healthy gut bacteria. Together with Lily Flower, these three hero ingredients promote smooth bowel movement, healthy cholesterol, and good heart health while being a relief for nausea and vomiting.

Treat your gut to tangy, appetite-enhancing goodness sip by sip!


Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Great for gut!

This was a very soothing tea blend for my uncomfortable gut situation. Felt much much better after having a nice warm cup.

Nice new flavour

I've been drinking Tily Tea for some time now, so was excited to try a new flavour. Got this one because I've been a bit nauseated during my pregnancy, and good gut is supposed to help with that! Tily was very helpful and advised me not to take more than one satchet a day to be extra-careful during pregnancy. It's slightly sour, but a very refreshing change! I like it!

Zennx Fung
Hawthorn is all time favorite

First time getting this. It has its own unique taste, not very strong flavor but may want to steep a longer time for more flavorful taste. Overall is good new product.

Su Sun
A new product worth trying

This new product is worth trying out

Amazingly good

It is a flavorful and fragrant drink.