Where is TILY from?

TILY is born out of Singapore, but its ingredients are sourced as per traditions, largely from China.

Is TILY a tea? Does it contain caffeine?

TILY does not use a traditional tea (Camillia Sinensis) leaf base. Hence it is technically not considered a “tea”, but rather a tisane or an infusion. However, due to popular culture, we felt it best to describe this style of drink as a “tea”.

Because TILY does not contain the leaf of the tea plant (Camillia Sinensis), it is caffeine free! However, some florals like Rose actually contain minute traces of caffeine. This level of caffeine is negligible, and hence it is safe to consider TILY caffeine free.

Is TILY Halal certified?

No, at the moment TILY does not have Halal certification.

Are TILY’s ingredients processed?

No! TILY’s ingredients have not undergone any processing other than being dried and cut up into small pieces. TILY is as natural as it gets!

Is TILY organic? Are there artificial flavourings or colourings in TILY’s ingredients?

TILY is not organic-certified, but it prides itself on delivering taste as nature intended. Non of our blends have had a flavour boost and there are zero colourings and preservatives added.


Is TILY suitable for children?

Except for DEEP CLEANSE, TILY is suitable for most children. However, always check with your health professional first as every child has differing conditions and states of health.

Is TILY suitable for pregnant ladies?

Evening Calm and Perfect Pairing are generally suitable blends for most expectant mothers. For more information, do check out our blog post here that gives a more detailed breakdown according to the pregnancy trimester. However, we advise all pregnant ladies to check with their health professionals first.

Is TILY suitable for Vegans?

Yes absolutely! TILY does not contain any animal products or by products. All ingredients are plant based only.


What is TILY’s shelf life?

Because TILY contains ZERO preservatives, we recommend early consumption from the point of purchase! Get those goodness in early!

How should I store TILY?

Please store TILY in a cool and dark place. Light often adversely affects the shelf life of perishable products, and always keep your TILY tea bags sealed in their sachets till just before consumption.


Where can I buy TILY?

TILY is available on our website at www.tilytea.com and also at fine supermarkets, independent cafes and lifestyle retailers. To locate a retailer near you, please drop us an email and we will be able to direct you to one in no time!

I am a retailer, can I buy TILY wholesale?

Absolutely! Please click here and leave us a message with a brief introduction and and we will get in touch with you before you can say TILY!