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Deep Cleanse

Ingredients  Burdock Root, Red Dates, Rose, Peach Flowers and Apple Flowers
Taste  Floral
Characteristic  Neutral to Mildly Warm

About the Blend 

Deep Cleanse is a detoxifying and cleansing blend to help us manage the chemicals and toxins that we are exposed to as part of our urban lifestyle. An accumulation of toxins from our daily consumption of processed food and interactions with environmental pollution increase our vulnerabilities to illnesses and diseases, and poses risks to our vital organs.

Our bodies are made to digest natural foods (with no added preservatives and fats) in around 4 hours of consumption and thereafter it will enter into detoxification and cleansing mode as part of the body’s metabolism process. The digestion of processed foods takes longer, up to double the time (8 hours). The toxic overload of modern life and an unhealthy diet often results in the body being unable to eliminate the toxins effectively and efficiently. Signs of an overloaded system experiencing a slower metabolism rate include symptoms such as weight gain, fluid retention and fatigue.

Burdock Root has been shown to act as a blood purifier as it helps remove heavy metal (e.g. mercury, lead, cadmium) toxins that is commonly found in our daily diet of grains, seafood, meat and vegetables. Burdock root also cultivates healthy bacteria growth in the gut to aid the digestion process. Red Dates further supports this detoxification process in both the liver and digestive tract. Rich in amino acids, red dates form the building blocks for essential proteins in the liver (main organ for detoxification); it is also rich in fibers which helps bulk up stool to facilitate bowel movements.

Following which, the bouquet of flowers in this blend, Apple Flower, Peach Flower and Rose will gently stimulate the gut to allow a good cleanse of the bowels. Rose in particular has also been known to help with improving one’s mood and relieve PMS symptoms.

Lastly, experience the wonders of the vitamins from Red Dates, Peach Flower, and Apple Flower, that promote the repair of hair and skin cells, working together with other antioxidants from Burdock Root and Rose Blossoms to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and damage from free radicals.

This blend is
mildly laxative,Stimulates and facilitates evacuation of bowels.
so choose your timing wisely. Give your body a break by helping it cleanse out, feeling lighter and healthier!

Ingredient Combination

The following video provides a summary on how unique ingredient pairings bring about similar benefits but through different mechanisms, hence giving an all-rounded boost for our body.

Ingredient Encyclopedia

Roll over each image to learn the scientific and Chinese names of the ingredients, and learn more about them!

Burdock Root
Arctium lappa

Common Name: Burdock Root
Part Used: Root
Origin: North Asia and Europe

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Purifies the blood by removing excessive heavy metals toxins such as lead, mercury and cadmium
  2. Rich source of
    prebiotic fibersCompounds in food that induce the growth or activity of beneficial microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi usually in the gastrointestinal tract.
    to aid digestion and cultivate good bacteria growth in the gut
  3. Rich in antioxidants that supports the removal of free radicals in the liver

Red Date 红枣
Ziziphus jujuba
Learn More!

Common Name: Red Date
Part Used: Fruit
Origin: China

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Rich source of iron which helps increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood cells
  2. Stimulates the production of immune cells that eliminate harmful bacteria & viruses
  3. Rich in Vitamin C that lightens the skin tone and prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  4. Rich in Flavonoids (Vitamin P) that can enhance the skin elasticity, allowing it to become tender and smooth

Rose 玫瑰花
Rosa centifolia

Common Name: Rose
Part Used: Flower
Origin: Asia

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Moistens the intestinal tract for easier bowel movements
  2. Stabilises moods and emotions by stimulating the brain to prompt the body to relax
  3. Rich in Vitamin C that lightens the skin tone and eases the appearance of wrinkles
  4. Rich in antioxidants that supports the removal of free radicals
  5. Rich in flavonoids that eases menstrual cramps

Peach Flower
Prunus persica

Common Name: Peach Flower
Part Used: Flower
Origin: China

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Eliminates toxic waste by facilitating bowel movements
  2. Rich in antioxidants called polyphenols and flavonoids that supports the removal of free radicals in the skin
  3. Contains Zinc, Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin C that fortifies the immune system against infections and promotes wound healing

Apple Flower
Malus pumila

Common Name: Apple Flower
Part Used: Flower
Origin: Asia and Europe

Top Health Benefits:
  1. Rich in polyphenols that help to suppress allergic reactions and boosts immunity
  2. Rich in Vitamin C that lightens the skin tone and prevents the appearance of wrinkles
  3. Supports the detoxification function of the liver by assisting bowel movements

Blend-Specific Frequently Asked Questions

Deep Cleanse contains ingredients that you should avoid taking in large amounts during pregnancy. Burdock Root, Rose and Peach Flower may stimulate the uterus upon over-consumption, and in the process induce early contractions.

More suitable blends would be Evening Calm and Perfect Pairing. For more information about how TILY can accompany your pregnancy journey, do check out our blog post here!

If you are currently on medication, please consult your doctors before consuming our blends.

Burdock Root may affect the blood sugar levels, hence one may need to monitor sugar levels closely if under diabetic drugs and treatment.

Have a cup of Deep Cleanse on days when you feel like you need a good detox or cleansing. It is advisable to take in moderation and stop when experiencing strong laxative effects such as severe diarrhea as this may lead to excessive loss of water to result in dehydration. In such an event, do hydrate yourself sufficiently.

You may also enjoy this blend with honey or sweetener of choice, to balance the taste of the root herbs in the tea.

Each tea-bag requires 5-8 minutes of steeping time for a good amount of infusion, and may be refilled 2 to 3 times.