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Tily Tea

Deep Cleanse - 25 Bag ECO Pack

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Enjoy your favourite Tily Tea blends while being gentle on the environment. Our ECO Packs are perfect for heavy and frequent drinkers of Tily Tea!

Each ECO Pack contains 25 sachet free Tea Bags. 

** Please note that ECO Packs have a shorter 3 month shelf life and require storage in the fridge or freezer. 

About The Blend 

Gently beautify and purify from the inside to out as this unique combination of Burdock Root and flowers stimulate your gut and help you cleanse your system in a natural way. Illuminate your skin and hair at the same time while enjoying the taste that makes this one of the most unique and popular detoxing blends around.


Burdock Root, Red Dates, Rose, Peach Flower, Apple Flower


  • Skin & Hair
  • Weight Control
  • PMS
  • Detox
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    Deep Cleanse - 25 Bag ECO Pack
    Deep Cleanse - 25 Bag ECO Pack

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    Chai Ling Beh
    Love the taste

    I like the taste. However, I'm not sure if it's effective. There is no laxative effect at all.

    Reina Yeo

    Please check that customer’s order has been received before you request for a review! I am still waiting for update on the delivery status!!!!

    My fave tea

    My regular brew, great taste and I do feel cleansed! :)

    Detox and Feel Fresh with Deep Cleanse is the best!

    I have tried for almost 1 month now, it can make you feel light, far from bloated feeling, and fresh as the same time. You need to try this tea!

    Audrey Liang
    Deep cleanse tea

    First time trying the deep cleanse tea. It’s really effective. Can feel the bowel moved within few hours and really felt cleanse.