Power Duo - Ginseng & Ginger

Power Duo - Ginseng & Ginger

Double the Strength 

Talk about double power and double goodness! Ginseng and Ginger are widely used in cooking and they are definitely not foreign to us. Dating back to thousands of years ago, this herbal combination has long been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for their health properties as an immunity boost and digestive aid. These powerful ingredients work synergistically to give us our much needed cognitive boost while helping us maintain a healthy gut. 

Did you know?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine concoctions, ginseng and ginger are a well-known pair. This pair of herbs boast wonderful health properties together. These herbs have been used for millennia to boost immunity and improve gastro-intestinal health.

Constantly feeling weighed down by fatigue and lethargy brought on by our urban lifestyles? Ginseng kicks in and gives a serious boost to your vigor - improving tiredness and increasing alertness while ginger helps to support your body through the day, helping to cope with nausea and promote healthy digestion. Start your day right with this heavenly combination! 


Knowing the difference

We see and consume ginseng so often in our food and beverages, but do we actually know which ginseng we are consuming and their key differences? Here's a little nugget of information about this powerful root 😉 


American Ginseng


Asian Ginseng


Boosts cognitive power

Balances blood sugar levels

Boosts immunity 

Calms nerves

Invigorating effect

Boosts physical energy

Reduces fatigue



The Ginger Hype

Native to Southeast Asia, it is a popular ingredient used in many cuisines and are also widely used for medicinal purposes. It can be consumed fresh, powdered, dried as a spice, in oil form, or as juice.

All that hype about ginger being an amazing digestive aid, is in fact, worthy of all the attention it gets! Ginger is really your go-to herb for gut heath - it works wonders for your gastro-intestinal health, alleviating effects of any forms of indigestion. It is also known to be extremely effective in helping to expel intestinal gas and also helps to relive nausea.

Just a tidbit of information, ginger is NOT a root! Mistaken by many as a root, ginger is in fact, a modified stem of the plant, also known as rhizomes. It stores food and grows parallel to the ground, which can then grow out into more shoots!


The Benefits of this Power Duo



American ginseng is known to enhance cognitive function while promoting calmness. American ginseng also acts on the nervous system to improve learning and protects your brain cells against damage, preventing brain degeneration conditions like Alzheimer's. The key to mental alertness and brain power!



Ginger helps to stimulate movement in the gut which helps to alleviate effects of indigestion. Indigestion often happens when there is a build-up of intestinal gas in our bodies. By inducing gastric contractions, your food gets guided through your digestive tract more smoothly.


Ginger is said to also have carminative effects - it helps to break up and expel intestinal gas. Now, you can enjoy hearty meals without having to worry about indigestion and bloating problems!




Rich in antioxidants, these powerful roots have different health properties targeting different aspects of our body.

Many health problems associated with aging stems from free radical cell damage caused by oxidative stress. Ginger consists of active components that play a vital role in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, which in turn helps to prevent aging problems.

On the other hand, the antioxidant-rich American Ginseng helps to prevent oxidative stress in the heart. This cardio-protective herb is your ultimate heart protector, protecting you from heart-related diseases.

Adieu to all your aging and cardiac health woes!




American ginseng contains complex sugar molecules that stimulates our immune system which can help to protect our body against harmful microorganisms. By stimulating the immune system, it acts to give the protectors of our body a surge of energy to allow them to be stronger when fighting against bacteria and viruses.

A healthy you begins with a strong and robust immune system. It is ever-important for us to strengthen our body from within to prevent us from falling ill.

Power up your day!



Both Ginseng and Ginger works synergistically together to help prevent the immune system from running into overdrive which might lead to inflammation based diseases such as arthritis and chronic pain.

During an inflammatory reaction, the herbs helps the body to cope with the inflammation after eliminating the bacteria and viruses in the body, protecting the healthy cells from being harmed further. This can help reduce the chances of developing many chronic, fatigue-causing conditions like heart diseases.


Creating the perfect perk-you-up cuppa

These legendary herbs in the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine are known to elevate performance and address digestive issues. Thinking of creating the best cuppa to go with your brekkie? We're letting you in on this secret formula!