For Our Little Ones

For Our Little Ones

We want the BEST

We know that as parents, we always strive to give our children the BEST to ensure that they grow up HEALTHILY. Growing children need to consume the best in order to grow up well. Letting you in on TILY's special on Teas for Children. Knowing exactly what kind of teas are suitable for your kid, allows you to make the right choices.

Strong Immunity, Strong Child 

The immune systems of children are less robust than that of adults. Their immune system is not as efficient as adults which make them more susceptible to contracting viral infections and it also takes them longer to recover. It is vital for children to build up and strengthen their immunity to effectively combat harmful organisms. Hence, it is important for our little ones to consume foods that help boost their immunity to prevent them from falling ill easily and to boost recovery.

Foods that help boost IMMUNITY 



Known for its immunity-boosting properties, Astragalus is the ultimate go-to root herb when it comes to boosting the immune system. Astragalus can increase the production of specific white blood cells which will greatly increase the body's ability to fight off harmful viruses and bacteria.



This powerful root possesses adaptogenic properties that help boost immunity to protect the body from external stress and microorganisms. It strengthens protection from within, preventing your little one from falling ill easily.



Filled with power and essential vitamins such as Vitamin A and C, these super berries helps to give the immune system a boost of energy to fight these harmful invaders. 

Through The Day

Our herbal tea artisans infuse these powerful herbs into unique herbal blends to fortify our immune system! Through The Day contains all the essential roots, fruits and florals to help strengthen the immune system and keep viruses out! 


Good Sleep is KEY

Children need ample rest and sleep in order to grow well and stay healthy. As they are growing, it is important for them to get sufficient good quality sleep in order for their bodies to rest and repair. ​

The recommended number of hours of sleep for a pre-schooler (3-5 years) is about 10-13 hours of sleep a day and for a schooling child (6-13 years) it is recommended about 9-11 hours a day. It is not just about the bedtime hours, it is also important for your little ones to enjoy quality sleep. Sleep quality is integral to ensure that our children can stay alert during the day, in order to learn better and more effectively at school.

No more difficult mornings and lethargic afternoons for your precious ones 😉

Foods that help children SLEEP WELL



Red dates help improve blood circulation and are often associated with the ability to 'calm the mind'. These dates contain saponin which is a natural 'sleep promoter'. These fruits will help improve quality of sleep. 



Chamomile helps to promote sleepiness and prevents insomnia. Rich in antioxidants such as Apigenin, it binds to specific receptors in the brain which help to promote sleep.



Longans contain Adenosine which greatly help to improve sleep and relaxation. It boosts restorative deep sleep which help to better achieve good quality rest.


Evening Calm

Our herbal tea artisans infuse these powerful herbs into unique herbal blends to help your active little ones rest better! Evening Calm contains all the essential fruits and florals to help promote better quality sleep, for our little ones to wake up re-energised the next day! 

For your Little One

Amid their busy Home-Based Learning schedules, a warm cup of Through The Day is a truly immunising pick-me-up for our children. As they busy themselves during this HBL period, it is important for us to differentiate between an afternoon of study and an evening of rest for our little ones. Wind down and relax with a nourishing evening blend.

Journeying with our little TILY lovers at every stage of their growth 🥰