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Radiant Glow
Radiant Glow

Radiant Glow

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Infuse your skin with nourishing radiance!

Lightly fragrant, delicate to taste and for whenever your skin needs an all-natural glow up. Featuring the legendary Solomon Seal beauty root herb along with Yarrow Flowers and Red Clover for women, this wonderfully light yet supportive blend steeps deep within to nurture and nourish an inner skin radiance that beams.



Solomon Seal, Yarrow Flowers, Red Dates, Red Clover and Pandan Leaves


  • Skin nourishment
  • Gives skin a moisturised quality
  • Complexion brightening
  • Digestive aid

About the blend

Harnessing the skin boosting and youth preserving qualities of the Solomon Seal - an ancient Chinese root herb, face the world confidently, armed with a radiant and glowing complexion.

Good inner health shines through and shows up on our skin, which shields us from the daily elements, and is our calling card to the world. Protect and nourish the largest and one of the most important organs in your body with the healing and defensive anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidising properties in this blend. Your skin is prepped to be at its best and brightest.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Tan Bee Lain Bee Lain
Fragrant, pleasant and relaxing tea

I love this tea as it is fragrant and has a naturally sweet aftertaste. A great tea to enjoy throughout the day!

Great taste

Fragrant and light tea

Evelyne Lauw Lauw

Will buy more

Mild & light taste

Mild and light taste that is suitable to relax and cleanse the palate. Tried this during my menses and definitely very comforting.

Ivy Ang
Love it !!

I love the taste. I can see the solid ingredient that they put in. I will surely recommend it to my friends and relatives.