Managing Stress

Managing Stress

Understanding Stress and How to Cope with it 

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Happy Friday Tily Lovers! Take this weekend to rest and unwind yourselves, allowing your bodies to recover. Seek respite in sipping a hot cuppa Tily Tea! During our week, as we bury ourselves in work, we often lament about stress. But what exactly is stress, how does it come about and how can we learn to better cope with it such that it does not gradually take a toll on our health? Learning about foods that help our bodies to rest and recover and will also help manage our stress levels, preventing our bodies form going into overdrive. Let's dive right in!

What is Stress?

Stress is our body's natural defense against predators and danger. Our bodies produce high amounts of hormones to enhance our ability to respond to potential danger or challenging situations. Stress is an inseparable part of our lives. We can never detach ourselves from our urban lifestyles, hence it is important for us to learn how to cope with stress and its effects to prevent it from taking a toll on our bodies. Being alert to the effects of stress, allows one to manage it more effectively and cope with it better. Stress in moderate amounts may be beneficial, but excessive levels of stress over an extended period of time is detrimental to our bodies. When there are too many trigger points or stressors at one time, it may affect our mental and physical well-being. Thus, knowing the type of stress you are experiencing will help you to better identify what kind of effects to expect.

The Types of Stress

In this section, we will further break down stress into types and deep dive into how each type of stress form and what are its inherent effects.

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Common Effects of Stress

 Digestive Issues

Our brain and digestive system are closely related to each other - when we are undergoing stress, our stomach is also affected. When we are stressed, our brain activates our flight-or fight response, preparing our bodies to protect itself against potential danger by conserving functions that are not immediately required for survival - digestion is one of functions. Hence, often times when we are stressed, we will experience indigestion and bloating problems. Therefore, it is integral for us to be able to cope with the digestive symptoms when they arise, to alleviate stress and calm our stomachs.

Lack of Sleep

With stress, another symptom that arises is the lack of good quality sleep. Amid all the hustle and stresses in a day, we often do not get sufficient rest and quality sleep, which results in a vicious cycle of tiredness and fatigue, affecting our overall condition and performance throughout the day. Sleeping well does not only mean to sleep 7-8 hours daily, it is also to ensure that our bodies enjoy quality sleep. Sleep quality is inherently important to ensure that we can get enough energy to power us through the next day. A good night's rest would mean that your body gets sufficient and quality sleep!

Rest & Rejuvenate with TILY TEA

Now, that we have broken down these concepts into a bite-sized, easy-to-digest form, we will now introduce some blends that help with digestion and promote good sleep.

Evening Calm 

Digestion & Sleep

Evening Calm contains ingredients like Longan, Red Dates and Goji Berries, combined with the calming properties of Chamomile and Lavender, this blend is the ultimate go-to blend for stress management.

Sleep is one of the most important reparative and restorative functions in our body. This deeply invigorating blend helps to relieve anxiety and soothe nerves, allowing the body to have sufficient and quality rest. Longans and Red Dates help stimulate blood circulation which gives you deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. Chamomile and Lavender are powerful florals whose aromatic notes have calming properties that can help improve sleep quality. Adieu to stressful sleepless nights!

On top of its soothing properties, Chamomile and Lavender are powerful digestive aids. They help to quell bloatedness and help with managing digestive issues.

Refresh and Restore with this invigorating blend! 

Radiant Glow

Digestion & Stress

Radiant Glow consists of ingredients that are rich in antioxidants to help to promote gut health.


The Pandan and Yarrow Flowers in Radiant Glow work together to help improve digestion. It helps to cleanse the digestive system and alleviate stomach upsets. Yarrow Flowers aids in food digestion by stimulating saliva and stomach acid, but at the same time, relieves symptoms of stomach cramps and inflammation seen in irritable bowel syndrome. Yarrow Flowers are also excellent mood relievers, it helps to improve mood and relieve stress by reducing levels of Cortisol, a hormone correlated to stress levels.

Happy you, happy gut!

Perfect Pairing


Perfect Pairing is a perfect digestive companion.

Perfect Pairing contains Jasmine Blossoms and Bergamot Peel which are packed with healing properties to help ease intestinal inflammation. This pair also helps to fight against bad bacteria, whilst promoting healthier digestive tract.

Healthy gut, Healthier you!


Managing Stress with TILY TEA

As we navigate the hustle and bustle of our lives, let us be conscious of our mental and physical well-being and make the effort to learn how to cope better so that we will never suffer burnout! 

Take time to sip and enjoy a hot cuppa tea whenever you have pockets of time