Getting to Know: Red Dates

Getting to Know: Red Dates

Red dates that are also famously known as 'jujube' are native to a few regions including southern Asia, northern India and southern and central China. It is a popular fruit that is part of the buckthorn family. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, red dates teas are most often consumed with herbal soup throughout their recovery to speed up the healing process for new mothers.

Red dates are also beneficial to our health in countless other ways. In here we will discuss the three main benefits that these red gems possess. They are rich in energy, essential vitamins and aid as a appetite stimulant.

#1 - Liver Detoxification

When red dates are soaked in water, it helps to nourish the liver and detoxify the body. Having a daily intake could also increase the body’s serum protein levels and helps to protect your liver.  It is key to detoxify the liver as it is the largest organ in the body.

#2 - Anti-Oxidising

Red dates are high in antioxidants which helps to reduces the early appearance of wrinkles and help you maintain your skin and give you a natural glow and even reduce symptoms of early aging that can take place due to our stressful environment such as the weather and rich foods that we consume on a daily basis.

#3 - Immune Booster

Red dates also enhances the immune system and seem to have an therapeutic effect on constipations. The red dates can assist in common issues such as constipation and strengthens the digestive tract that could be weakened by our heavy caffeine intake habits.

Red date tea is usually simmered on low heat for a period of time. It is then made into tonic teas and herbal soups (with no tea leaves involved) that can be enjoyed throughout the year. However we all know that in our busy lives it is hard to find time to constantly hang around the kitchen to prepare these soups and tea. Fret not! We have done the maneuvering and included them in our blends so that you can simply have them in replacement of your daily cuppa to reap all its goodness.