Getting to Know: Lavender

Getting to Know: Lavender

Lavender or Lavandula angustifolia is a shrub known for its aroma, vivid colour and healing properties. Many of us would see that it is one of the most common flowers used in aromatherapy and essential oils due to its relaxing properties. Lavender has also been used for the longest time to promote rest and tackle insomnia. It's distinctive and pleasant aroma helps one with stress relief, ideal for a creating a relaxed nature. It is gentle and perfect to lull you into a deep slumber.

There are also several other ways that you can enjoy the glory of lavender. One of which is to enjoy it as a hot tea beverage. When it comes to making lavender tea, one would first need access to this herbal plant. One then can pick the blossom, and then dry it before infusing it with boiling water.

Using a two-piece glass tea infuser is the best way to make this tasty and refreshing drink as the bloom will be kept separate from the infused water. A glass teapot will allow you to watch the dried flowers unfold which is part of the brewing process that will likely increase your appetite for this soothing drink.  

Many might also find that using lavender in making tea could be too strong of a herb on its own. We have researched on how to make it easier to consume it and have taken the time to formulate a blend with Longan, Goji Berries, Red Dates and Chamomile together with lavender that is gentle and naturally sweet suitable for most palates.

There are also countless benefits associated with drinking lavender tea and understating them can be an excellent opportunity to help you decide if you would like to try this tea. The fragrance of this herbal plant has been widely known to calm and relax the body and mind and it can have a positive effect on the nervous system and mental disorders. It also helps to relieve anxieties and reduce stress to those who may be feeling low or down or worn out after a long day at work. There have been claims that the lavender tea could also aid in the healing process of cuts and sores.

Overall, lavender tea is a tasty drink that has a strong flavour with many beneficial properties that can help you to relax and unwind. You can find lavender in our evening calm blend that you could simply enjoy without having to go through the hassle of growing your own plant!