A Floral Fantasy - Snow Chrysanthemum & Marigold

A Floral Fantasy - Snow Chrysanthemum & Marigold

Fantastical Florals 

Known also as 雪菊 and 万寿菊, these wonderful pair of florals have long been used for its cooling properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Known for their anti-inflammatory properties, these flowers have highly nourishing effects on the body. Also, these amazing florals are high in antioxidants which promotes good skin health and hair rejuvenation. Simply magical!


Did you know?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, these flowers are known to be more cooling in nature due to their anti-inflammatory effects. They are often used in concoctions to help patients cope with 'heaty' symptoms such as sore throats, fever, acne, mouth ulcers etc. In TCM, it is traditionally believed that cooling foods such as Snow Chrysanthemum and Marigold can help to eradicate heat and toxins, and in turn, nourish the body.

To all the skincare lovers, this is one for you. These wonderful florals are packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C - the key essential vitamins and minerals for smooth, clear and bright complexion! ✨

The Benefits


Power-packed with lots of Vitamin C and antioxidants, these amazing florals help to stimulate collagen production to promote skin rejuvenation and elasticity. These florals boast anti-aging properties as they help to reduce the presence of wrinkles and blemishes.

Letting you in on the traditional floral secrets to flawless and youthful skin 😉 




This powerful floral combination has cooling properties which help our body combat the 'heaty foods' we consume. Our over-consumption of heaty foods may lead our bodies into an overdrive, resulting in symptoms such as fever, sore throat, mouth ulcers etc. Hence, these florals will kick in and help create balance to maintain overall well-being. These florals work in tandem to help keep us in the pink of health!



Protecting our vision is incredibly important, our eyes are one of the most vital organs of our body. By actively protecting our eyes, it reduces the odds of vision loss while staying on top of developing eye diseases such as cataracts. Both flowers are exceptional at helping to support eye health. They are both rich in Carotenoids which is a great at providing macular support. These powerful florals help to protect our eyes and prevent associated retinal and cornea diseases, such as cataracts. Talk about eye power!


A Little Caution!


Marigold are part of the family of asters. It may cause an allergic reaction for people who are highly sensitive to plants like ragweed and chamomile. ​Sensitive individuals should proceed with caution when consuming Marigold for the first time.


A Floral Fantasy

Everyday health in elegance - what better way to enjoy a cuppa than a golden steep infused with fragrant florals. Your floral fantasy begins with a warm cup of Tily Tea 🥰