A Divine Combination...Astragalus and Codonopsis

A Divine Combination...Astragalus and Codonopsis

Powerful As One, Divine Together

Known also as 黄芪 and 党参, these herbs are beneficial on their own, but really powerful together. This wonderful pairing has long been used for its health boosting properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This combination has invigorating properties which helps boost immunity and nourish the body. These powerful roots, have anti-inflammatory properties and promotes healthy blood circulation when used together. 

Did you know?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine concoctions, these roots are known as the 'King of Combinations'. Staying true to its name, this pair of roots is one of the most powerful herbal pairings - combining two of the strongest invigorating roots together, your immune system is fortified and your body is nourished. These roots have been used for millennia to boost immunity and impart vitality.

Weighed down by fatigue and lethargy brought on by our urban lifestyles, these roots kick in and give a serious boost to your vigor - improving tiredness and increasing alertness.



The Benefits



A strong and robust immune system is paramount to your overall well-being.


As powerful stimulators of white blood cell production, Astralagus may increase the body's production of white blood cells - the key fighters against harmful invaders of our body. Codonopsis possesses adaptogenic properties that helps boost immunity to protect the body from external stress and microorganisms.


Together, these powerful roots help to boost immunity, strengthening your body from within, preventing you from catching colds and upper respiratory tract infections.  




This powerful herbal combination prevents the immune system from running into overdrive which might then lead to inflammation based diseases such as arthritis and chronic pain.


During an inflammatory reaction, the roots act to eliminate bacteria and viruses in the body. However, inflammation may still persist and harmful organisms may continue harming healthy cells. Thus, these roots help to regulate inflammation, while protecting the healthy cells from being harmed further.



Our body experiences fatigue from fighting harmful organisms in our body, especially when we are ill. These powerful roots help to alleviate symptoms of lethargy brought about by this body fatigue. These roots work in tandem to revitalise and invigorate our bodies, preventing us from tiredness often associated with common illnesses such as fever and cold. This wonderful herbal combination is the key to vitality! 




Many health problems associated with aging stem from free radical cell damage caused by oxidative stress. Rich in antioxidants, these powerful roots help inhibit free radicals, preventing aging problems. Adieu to all your aging woes!



Points to Note!


Cannot be taken with Anti-Cancer Hormonal Medications

Astragalus have oestrogenic properties and may interfere with the actions of anti-cancer hormonal-sensitive drugs.


Cannot be taken with Blood Thinners

Astragalus enhances the effects of Anticoagulants and blood thinners, increasing the risk of bleeding and stroke.


Cannot be taken with Antihypertensives

Astragalus has inherent diuretic effects, it is not advisable to be taken together with high blood pressure drugs as it might over stimulate the effects of the drug.



Powering Up Your Day 

Face the world with confidence! With a strong and healthy body, we can always be at our best. Infusing gentle wellness into your everyday, we incorporate this heavenly combination of roots into our range of teas, as an immunity booster to support your everyday routine!