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Perfect Pairing
Perfect Pairing

Perfect Pairing

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Rp 206.000,00

Balance out meals with a refreshing, cleansing companion. The subtleties of this blend’s taste profile has seen it likened to the classic Pu-Er tea, while at the same time being completely caffeine free. The perfect accompaniment to meals, this is also highly beneficial in aiding the control of blood sugar levels.


Mulberry Leaves, Mulberries, Bergamot Peel, Jasmine Blossoms


  • Essential Vitamins
  • Sugar Control
  • Palate Refresher
  • Digestive Aid

About the blend

From your everyday meals to rich treats, call on the fresh and light notes of Jasmine Blossoms to be the perfect healthy companion to your gastronomic indulgences.

The mulberry fruit and its leaves have long been used to help regulate blood sugar levels and cholesterol, so you can enjoy your guilty pleasures armed with a cup of Perfect Pairing in hand!

Often compared to Pu'Er, enjoy a similarity in taste and smell to this iconic Chinese tea, while resting assured that there is absolutely zero caffeine in all your Tily Teas.

The perfect pairing for meals is also the perfect pairing for your good health!

Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
Su Sun
Perfect after a full meal

This is a great palate cleanser.

Khai Lin Chuah
Subtle taste and smells really nice

I really enjoyed this tea blend. It’s subtle and nothing overpowering.

Alice Alagan
Light on the tongue and tummy!

I love the fact that is truly helps with digestion after a heavy meal. The selections of teas are amazing and light on the palate. Helps withe PMS so bought it as Christmas gifts for my family. :)

Elaine Teo
Perfect yea!

As perfect as it was named, this is my fav tea out of all in terms of taste and benefits. It do help me with digestion and going to the 🚽 😂 this tea makes me feel less guilty after a heavy meal or dessert gonna say I really love it and gonna buy the eco pack of this next!

Mee Lian Wong
Together with Gift Set

My friend love the tea 👍