Respecting, appreciating and embracing all the goodness nature has to offer.

TILY TEA is a range of tonic teas that was specially created by Michelle and Geraldine to care for you in the most efficient way possible. Geraldine, who was tired of the many doctor visits, and in search of natural ways to strengthen her family's immunity, found her way back to traditions when her little 3-year old asked for "more of that yummy drink, Mummy!" At the recommendation of a Chinese medical practitioner, Geraldine had been brewing Codonopsis with red dates and goji berries as a tonic tea for her husband who was keeping continuous late nights. Chinese herbs were not new to the household, but they were more commonly found in soups on her dinner table, and often took significant time and effort. She started to research deeper and began to develop recipes of her own, discovering herbs that could be steeped and combined to provide complementary effects and health benefits.