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Caffeine Free Herbal Teas for Pregnant Mothers

Pregnancy is a time where mothers are understandably anxious for the little one they are carrying. There is much confusing information out there, and you may want to find out what is right. If tea is a regular part of your diet, you may be curious about the safety of drinking tea during pregnancy. Many may have heard that caffeine is a no go and you should avoid teas and beverages that may hold caffeine in it. If you are looking for an alternative, we have the answers for you.

Many may think it is okay to consume caffeinated beverages within amount. However, Dr Eleni Papadopoulou of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health has quoted that "High maternal caffeine intake during pregnancy was related to excess growth from infancy and obesity later in childhood.” The recommended amount of caffeine can vary and could be risky if you are not mindful of your consumption in the daily run. Herbals teas a good substitute as they hydrate, while providing feeding the body numerous nutrients during pregnancy.

Our Evening Calm blend in particular, is made with ingredients such as longan, red dates, goji berries, lavender and chamomile which is gentle for pregnant women to consume. Dates and berries are packed full of nutrients while lavender and chamomile help provide an easing sense.

As with most things, it is always best to talk with your midwife or doctor about any herbal teas that you are interested in drinking.