A Christmas Twist

A Christmas Twist

a classic festive CHRISTMAS TEA RECIPE awaits you...

"an inch of cinnamon, a pinch of cloves & a citrus twist..." the perfect recipe for a teacup full of love

Get your teacups ready for a WARM & FUZZY CHRISTMAS


Kicking your cuppa up a notch!

Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate and forge memories with our loved ones. Rest, rewind and celebrate with a hot cuppa with family and friends this holiday season.

The Christmas tea tradition seem to have found fans among harried urbanites looking for respite amid the holiday hustle. Let TILY unveil our Santa secret - a Christmas Twist on our exquisite blends! Complete your holiday tea ritual with Tily Tea 🥰



Add a Touch of Christmas to our unique blends

Cinnamon Sticks 

Spice your tea up with our all-time Christmas favourite - Cinnamon! Aromatic and flavourful, Cinnamon adds a layer of fragrance into the blend. Ready yourselves for a delicately aromatic Christmas holiday tea❣️



Huddle up for a Christmas tea filled with warmth and love. Infusing spicy warm notes into your tea blend, cloves work to give teas an added flavour of joy and warmth! Simply magical🎄


Orange Slices

Give your tea that added kick of zest and crisp! Zesty notes in these orange slices are a golden touch to add flavour and class to your blend! Create your very own tantalising and crisp Christmas blend 🤩


Fabulous Christmas Twist

a heart full of love

These spices and fruits are a perfect match for all our blends! Mix & match to create your ultimate Christmas favourite! These classic Christmas spices and orange slices go best with Evening Calm 😉 Add a spoonful of honey for added sweetness and joy 🎅🏻



Other Christmas Classics...


A classic holiday favourite - a symbol of the season, peppermint tea is a popular Christmas favourite. The mint notes in peppermint offers a refreshing taste and the aromatic menthol adds a touch of the holiday spirit into the blend 🙌🏼


Star Anise

Combining the flavour of the season with tea creates a warm and soothing infusion with spicy notes. Invigorating and tingling, pair it with a spoonful of honey or orange slices to deepen the flavour profile. Steep & Enjoy ❤️ 


Create your very own Wonderful Christmas Tea

Incorporate these spices and fruits into your own Christmas afternoon tea spread or serve them at your holiday feast. Brew them in a teapot with a spoonful of honey to take the flavour up a notch. However you like your tea, you're sure to love these seasonal Christmas steeps in your favourite teacup.

Have a tea-rrifc Christmas!