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Deep Cleanse - Tily Tea
Deep Cleanse
Deep Cleanse - Tily Tea

Deep Cleanse

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Gently beautify and purify from the inside to out as this unique combination of Burdock Root and flowers stimulate your gut and help you cleanse your system in a natural way. Illuminate your skin and hair at the same time while enjoying the taste that makes this one of the most unique and popular detoxing blends around.


Burdock Root, Red Dates, Rose, Peach Flower, Apple Flower


  • Skin & Hair
  • Weight Control
  • PMS
  • Detox

About the blend

Now this is a detoxing blend and you feel the effects almost immediately. Mildly laxative, so choose your timing! This addresses all the issues us ladies are concerned about, especially the glowing effect it has on our skin and hair. 

The bouquet of florals in this blend have been formulated to gently stimulate your gut and bowels. Along with a lighter sense of well being, the Rose in particular has been known to help with PMS symptoms and weight loss. 

It is not just your gut that gets a detox, but Burdock Root is also known to purify your blood, improving organ health and the health of the whole body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
This is my second purchase

Great taste and really works as its name suggests.

L Le
Love the herbal taste

First time trying this and it did not disappoint. Loved the herbal ginseng taste that must have been the burdock root and the pretty look of the contents in the tea bag.

Cynthia Wang

Love the flavor! A very refreshing drink. Perfect gift for friends.

My favourite tea

Am drinking this on the regular now to help with bloating and digestion. Works amazingly well and tastes great too!

Effective deep cleanse tea !

Digestion improved after drinking this deep cleanse tea.